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Doncaster/Templestowe Artists’ Society (DTAS)  regularly conducts a range of informative and educational Workshops, which are led by expert artists.

Watch this space for announcements of forthcoming workshops to be held at the DTAS Gallery.

REVIEW of Julien Bruere Workshop conducted at DTAS Gallery

Biomorphic Exploration of Watercolour Techniques Workshop with Julien Bruere


Sunday, May 1, 2016 proved to be a wonderful day with Julian generous, as usual, with his time, skills and knowledge.

Julian explained to the group some of the ways our artistic world has changed, in particular how art is being taught differently these days.

He took time to talk about the biomorphic explanation of watercolour techniques and textures, often using very fine brushes, a fan brush, a feather or a leaf, a dagger brush – in fact any type of brush appropriate for the style of painting. Salt and fine bread crumbs were also used.

The first two paintings we did in the morning were loose and with runny colours merging into patterns with each other. The second painting was similar but with more definition.  We loved it.

Then lots of chatter over lunch and we were ready for for the afternoon’s painting: A country scene, or something similar, using some of the earlier learned techniques.

Julian spent time with each one of the participants often explaining “where to go next” and the atmosphere at the Gallery was one of fun, enthusiasm and laughter but at the same time serious learning was taking place.

Further details of this workshop are on Page 4 of the DTAS News for May 2016, in the article written by Dorothy Cuming (article and photographs) with photographs also by Bev Permezel.

Thanks to Julian Bruere for such an excellent, enjoyable workshop.