Yupo Workshop

Yupo Workshop – Julie Goldspink

Sunday 30 August at DTAS Gallery

Time: 9:30 (for a 10:00 am start) to 4pm (approx.)

Venue: The Old Shire Hall Gallery, Cnr Doncaster Rd & Council St., Doncaster

If you haven’t tried this, now’s the time.

Julie introduced us to painting on Yupo paper last year, and we all had such fun that Dorothy was asked her to bring her back again.

In this workshop Julie will cover composition, use of photos, capturing light and shadow effects, helpful watercolour techniques and how to create a transparent underpainting.


Members: $60

Non-Members: $70

Julie’s list of materials:

1 full sheet of Yupo 200 gsm paper

Be mindful of not getting greasy finger and hand prints on the surface as these tend to react like a resist. Half a sheet of yupo per project may be easier to handle. Cut the paper with a steel ruler and a craft knife, NOT scissors as these can crease the paper.

Large enough board for the paper to keep it flat and a bull-dog clip to attach paper to board.

Large lidded water-colour palette Please note that Julie will have a limited number of these palettes for sale (or you can order from her website). (These were very popular last year.)

Paints Julie uses Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolours and Winsor & Newton Artists Quality Watercolours (preferable for the strength of pigment needed.

Colours (as listed in the July 2015 newsletter, page 3)

Brushes (as listed in the July 2015 newsletter, page 3)

Other useful items were also listed in the article in the July 2015 newsletter, pg 3